The suspects

What is known about each of the 19 terrorists
The FBI has released photos of the men suspected of the suicide hijackings Sept. 11 with a plea for citizens to help with identities of some that are still in doubt. View the 19 and what is known of each. [Sept. 28, 2001]

Suspects lived carefully and quietly, set off no alarms
They were smart, technically proficient, and ambitious in their own peculiar way. They were comfortable with the Internet and the modern modes of business travel. They were the kind of people who could have succeeded in America if they hadn't wanted to destroy it. Theirs was a soft, subtle presence in this country for many months, in some cases years. They didn't blend in, exactly, but they stayed out of trouble. [Sept. 16, 2001]

Hijackers had flight training, but great skills weren't needed
While the planning of Tuesday's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was sophisticated, the flying skill necessary to plow three jetliners into two large public buildings is relatively commonplace and easy to acquire, aviation and security experts said. [Sept. 13, 2001]

FBI aware terrorists in training; agents visited U.S. flight schools several times
Federal authorities have been aware for years that suspected terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden were receiving flight training at schools in the United States and abroad, according to interviews and court testimony. [Sept. 23, 2001]

Some hijackers may have used stolen identities
FBI officials said yesterday some of the 19 terrorists who carried out last week's assault on New York and near Washington may have stolen the identities of other people and their real names may never be known. [Sept. 20, 2001]



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