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Wednesday, September 11, 2002 - 5:30 p.m. Pacific
Nation and world news
Families create gravesites where towers once stood
Bush visits 3 terrorist-attack sites
U.S. troops pause for moment of silence
A world of emotions for a grieving U.S.
Resilience is theme at Pentagon
Mourners drawn to rural Pennsylvania site of Flight 93 crash
Undercurrent of hostility toward U.S. in Arab world
In nation's capital, life adjusts to host of new, painful realities
Survivors leave old lives for new jobs, new homes
Are we safer? Experts cite strengths, weaknesses in homeland-defense efforts
Up from the ashes: 'Phoenix Project' restores Pentagon
Tight security at attack sites planned but not in other cities
Firefighters still sick with cough named for WTC
One year later: 'A before and an after'
The missing: Lives in limbo
Some survivors, victims became familiar names

Airport hassles are fewer but it pays to pack patience
Air travel: Security is Sept. 11 legacy

Local news
Area residents mark day of terror together and alone, showing patriotism, tears
Crossing America: Silence and TV fill Times Square
Seattle fire, police departments reprioritized
Man fought age, girth, red tape and won right to defend U.S.
Ethiopian new year celebrated quietly
Area schools take many approaches to sad anniversary
Immigrants still languish in INS jail

Worldwide, voices to sing through tears in 'song of transformation'
9/11 TV coverage: Get ready for the deluge
Northwest arts panel: What's changed since 9/11?
Books: Terror attacks a rich subject for authors

Editorials & opinion
After Sept. 11: Catastrophe, resilience, catharsis, hope
Leonard Pitts Jr.: American identity integral part of who we are
Guest columnist: Muslim Americans still bear brunt of backlash
Crossing America
Crossing America A reporter and photographer hit the road a second time to gauge the nation's mood.

One year later

Hear from Northwesterners and learn how — and whether — life for them has changed.

In remembrance

IN THE SEATTLE TIMES, Sept. 11, 2002:

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The Seattle Times: The lives lost

Eric Devericks Editorial cartoonist
Eric Devericks

Photo galleries from the anniversary

Special reports

Our original special report about the terrorist attacks, the region, U.S. foreign policy and more.
Two peoples, one land
Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
The Terrorist Within
The story behind one man's holy war against America.
The Terrorist Within
The attacks
The attacks
Local reaction
Local reaction
Crossing America 2001
Crossing America 2000
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