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A Seattle Times investigation found that, across the nation, industrial wastes laden with heavy metals and other dangerous materials are being used in fertilizers and spread over farmland. The process, which is legal, saves dirty industries the high costs of disposing of hazardous wastes. (July 3 - 4, 1997)

Part I: Spreading heavy metals on farmland is legal, but is it safe?
What's known, and not known, about toxics and soil

Part II: Lack of regulation leaves farmers, consumers guessing
Example after example, throughout the country
Experts: How to reduce risk

Follow-up stories (July - September 1997)

Farmers press state officials for action on fertilizers
Even advocate of using waste in fertilizer wants tighter laws
Food processors ask state for regulations on toxins in fertilizer
A first step toward labeling toxins in fertilizer
Locke: Test, label fertilizers

McDermott drafting bill to regulate fertilizers
EPA to review use of industrial waste in fertilizer
State proposes tougher fertilizer rules
Fertilizer industry to pay for study of health risks

Q & A: The practice of recycling wastes
Letters to the editor

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