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Mission accomplished

I am writing in regards to the cover of the Pacific Northwest magazine from Feb. 15 ("Safe in His Seat"). The cover shows Jim McDermott holding a sign stating President Bush lied. Your blatant political swipe deeply offends me to the point of canceling my subscription. Being new to the area, I thought that the paper might give us information we could use to get acquainted with our new city. Well, job done. Obviously, your subscribers' opinions aren't as important as your political agenda. I believe that showing the picture of Jim McDermott has less to do with Jim McDermott's view of President Bush than The Seattle Times using the "talking head" as a political chess piece to further its agenda. If losing readership is your goal, job well done.

— Susan Gelmetti, Bothell

Trash talking

It is quite apparent that neither the newspapers who print such tripe and the congressman who emote such tripe have an understanding as to the truth or political trash talking. McDermott is so biased that he wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him. The only lies being spread are those by the Democrats who hate George Bush because he won the presidency. Free speech is one thing but biased, unproven tripe is not fit to be printed. Shame on you!

— Fred L. McGuire, Seattle

Where's the sensitivity?

I am appalled that The Seattle Times would publish a picture of Jim McDermott holding the sign "Bush Lied." How does he know this as a fact? I realize Seattle and most of Washington are very liberal in their politics, but I had hoped The Times would be more sensitive to those of us who are so offended by this photo. I wonder, since Jim McDermott enjoys throwing darts at President Bush, it seems to me that he who is without sin, throw the stones. I would like to ask Mr. McDermott, have you ever lied?

I hope The Seattle Times, to be fair, will publish as big a photo and extensive article in the Pacific Northwest of a popular Republican congressman or congresswoman. Thank you.

— Doris Norton, Sequim

Shame on Jim McDermott

This is in response to the Pacific Northwest magazine's cover showing Rep. Jim McDermott holding a sign saying "Bush Lied."

Hey Kettle, this is Pot — You're black! After all that we've been subjected to from Mr. McDermott, he should be ashamed of himself, and so should all those who have voted for him over the years.

— Craig and Kim Chamberlain, Seattle

Whose representative?

Your front story says Seattle's congressman, not for many of us, he's not the man he used to be. It's a sad day when you give his representation any credence except for remarks like mine.

— Doug Dunn, Ballard

Saving the barn

What a cool thing the people who are the subjects of "A Barn Raising" (Northwest Living, March 7) have done. The home they've created seems so bright and open and uncluttered. Thanks for writing a story about someone who didn't just knock over an old barn so they could put up a metal shed and park a double-wide next to it. I am impressed that now these people own a home that is unique to them, that has more than their money in it. . . . It has their soul or their passion, too. Stories like this inspire me to think I might be able to do the same thing. Though, let's not kid ourselves, there is some labor involved here.

— Mike Forrester, Seattle

Essence of Highway 202

Loved the excellent story about Highway 202, near my home in Sammamish ("The Road Ahead," Feb. 22). Thanks for some news for those of us outside — way outside — Seattle. The reporter really captured the essence of this area and the unique aspects along this road, from mini-mansions to goat pens. She mentions that 202 is to be widened — when, O Lord? We allow 30 minutes or more to go seven miles into Redmond from Sammamish, inching along a two-lane road better suited to a farm area. Who on earth zoned this, allowing thousands of homes, with tens of thousands of residents, feeding this tiny road? If more lanes are on the way I will be pleased — and I'll believe it when I see it. Been waitin' since 1996.

— Nan Connolly, Sammamish

Question goes to the top

So nice to hear what we got for our money spent on City Hall ("Requiem for City Hall," Jan. 18). Environmentally friendly, lovely to look at, world class. One question — was it really necessary to build a dome out of titanium, an expensive, strategically important metal that the United States imports in large quantities? Why not something more pedestrian (and less expensive)?

— Tom Blikre, Seattle

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