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The saga of Sadie and Bill

Thank you for the very comprehensive story in the Jan. 25 Pacific Northwest magazine: "Still Together After All These Years." Mr. Dietrich should be congratulated on both the content and the most engaging style he used to portray the Boeing history and possible future.

Having worked for Boeing from 1961 through 1990, I can attest to the accuracy of the story line through that time period and beyond. Apart from the history, I was fascinated by the dialogue between Sadie and Bill, and the story line that evolved.

I look forward to reading more of Mr. Dietrich's writing.

— W. Michael Richardson, Bellevue

A kick out of Callahan

Even if I don't have time to read the entire Pacific Northwest, I turn first to Callahan's cartoon.

Sometimes the humor is subtle so I must stop to think, but always it's fun.


— Altheda M. Steinbach, Lacey, Thurston County

Not the big picture

The Bush derogatory picture in Pacific Northwest magazine ("Safe in His Seat," Feb. 15) is not helping our war effort. The liberals — Democrats — just don't get it. We rid the Middle East of tyrants — terrorists, try to stop a greater danger over here like happened on 9-11 and all you can do is make the war effort harder to do with pictures and comments from goofballs like Baghdad Jim. They believe we are on their side. You can only imagine what our soldiers think of your anti-war, anti-administration comments.

This Jim McDermott is an idiot. I can't believe some of the things he says about Bush, etc., and then he goes over to Baghdad and says there's nothing wrong with Saddam. He only killed 200,000 to 300,000 people and was sending 10,000 to 25,000 to the Pakistan and Taliban suicide bombers.

Get something positive to do or get another occupation. Perhaps listening to Bill O'Reilly and Michael Medved would give you the other side of the real story. Your picture and article were not appreciated, and painted a wrong picture of what the government is trying to do — keep us free of terrorism.

— Don Raftis, Kent

Blowing the lid off corks

I enjoyed your "Uncorked" article in Pacific Northwest (Taste, Jan. 11). Will glass bottles march with corks into the pages of history also? In Spain we found acceptable table wines packaged in the same one-liter, brick-shaped Tetrapacks my soy milk comes in here. On the same shelf as the orange juice distributed by the same company! (For one or two Euros, but that's another story.)

— Mel Davidson, Bellingham

A hunger for history

I am quite an opinionated person but I do believe in giving credit where it is due. I would like to share with you my appreciation of the response I received from Paul Dorpat's column ("From Reign to Relic," Jan. 11). I have been overwhelmed by the response for the request for Catala information. The phone rang constantly (no exaggeration) and I have received letters as well.

I have always felt it is such a great loss that Seattle newspapers quit printing the history of the state and the down-home sorts of things that used to be in the Sunday magazine sections. I believe this incredible response proves there is a desire for the same. It also proved to me how very popular Dorpat's column is with your readers. Everyone said, "I always read his column." So, as they say Down Under — "Good on you." You obviously are fulfilling a hunger for many folks.

— Gene Woodwick, Ocean Shores

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