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Friday, August 1, 2003

Readers have been chiming in with their own opinions, suggestions, horror stories and even creative solutions.

Read what they have to say.

If you want to weigh in, you can e-mail us at or write to "The Big Squeeze," Pacific Northwest magazine, The Seattle Times, P.O. Box 70, Seattle, WA 98111.

IF I RAN THIS PLACE: The results »

Thumbnail Part 6: Taking the long view
We have a chance to save the green heartland of Northwest Washington between Seattle and Vancouver and to make the rescue a model for the future [June 22, 2003]
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We look for leaders and discover we don't all see eye to eye, but perhaps there's a vision we can share [Aug. 10, 2003]
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Three winners take honors in our "If I Ran This Place" contest [Aug. 10, 2003]

Changing Visions

The series: A region shaped by adventurers and innovators is once again undergoing great change. In this ongoing series, Pacific Northwest magazine explores the forces of that change and its significance to our future as a community.

Thumbnail Part 1: The Congestion Question
Defining the future of our crowded communities [Dec. 8, 2002]
Thumbnail Part 2: A Tale of Three Cities
Portland and Vancouver get going while Seattle stalls [Feb. 2, 2003]
Thumbnail Part 3: Alternative | Urban
High-rise homesteaders ditch the car and discover new mobility [Feb. 23, 2003]
Thumbnail Part 4: Identity Crisis
Trying to find itself, Greenwood rides the tides of progress and pragmatism [April 6, 2003]
Thumbnail Part 5: Creating Ecotopia
Vashon Island is trying to declare its independence by becoming more sustainable and point the way to a "Puget Paradise" [April 20, 2003] home
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