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Donations to Dr. Cynthia's clinic:

Burmese Refugee Care Project/ARETE
P.O. Box 1774
Sebostapol, CA 95473

Dr. Cynthia will use 100 percent of your contribution for medical supplies and humanitarian aid for Burmese refugees along the border. The Burmese Refugee Care Project is a very small medical-relief organization run by volunteers since 1990. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donations for general medical and humanitarian aid for Burmese refugees:

World Aid Inc. of Seattle
2442 N.W. Market #434
Seattle, WA 98107

You can direct your contribution to Burmese refugees in Thailand, displaced people inside Burma, or for greatest need. World Aid will use 100 percent of contributions for medical supplies and aid such as food, blankets and plastic tarps. World Aid is a very small relief project founded by Vietnam veterans and run by volunteers since 1989. Donations are tax-deductible.

To donate medical supplies, call:

Bill Gardner of World Aid Inc.


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