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EMP opening weekend: 'Scuse us, while we kiss the sky
Even the sun shone for Paul Allen this weekend. Any way you look at it, the opening celebrations for his Experience Music Project were a huge success. Many still find the building hideous - or a terrible waste of $240 million. But you have to admit that man can throw a party. (June 26, 2000) Image
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'Experience' will set this museum apart

EMP: The experience continues smoothly with big names, happy fans
The second day of celebration for the opening of Experience Music Project, Paul Allen's $240 million rock 'n' roll plaything, brought another big crowd to Seattle Center yesterday. Once again, there were sunny skies, lots of free music and surprisingly uncrowded conditions. (June 25, 2000) Image

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Museum map
EMP photo tour
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Experience Music Project
Red-hot show electrifies EMP crowd as diverse as the lineup
The frat boys and the goths, the hipsters and the gangstas, the young and the restless - the Experience Music Project opening concerts brought them all out. Here are some sights and sounds from EMP's remarkable opening day. (June 24, 2000) Image

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Politicians, public concur: EMP rocks
Parking for EMP this weekend won't be easy
The Seattle Times Guide to EMP

Experience Music Project
EMP: the opening experience
If you've been to Bumbershoot and Bite of Seattle, you have some idea what it will be like today through Sunday at Seattle Center. The opening of Experience Music Project will probably draw the same kind of crushing crowds, along with the same kind of traffic jams and parking problems. So it's a good idea to plan ahead before you go. (June 23, 2000) Image

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The lineup
How to get Experienced
How to get museum and concert tickets
Workshops and more
The Seattle Times Guide to EMP
Museum map
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News: Stars do 'Wild Thing' at private EMP party
News: A chat with Paul Allen and his sister, Jody

Experience Music Project
'It all evolved over time. (EMP) has been long, major journey'
A chat with Paul Allen and his sister, Jody, about the birth of the museum. (June 23, 2000) Image

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Stars do 'Wild Thing' at private EMP party
EMP: the opening experience

Experience Music Project
EMP's funky Journey: Get on up with the Godfather
Get on up! The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, is calling out to us. Get on up - ah! This is "Funk Blast," the movie running in Experience Music Project's Artist's Journey, the motion-platform ride that takes a museum and makes it a theme park. There's only one problem. (June 22, 2000)

Experience Music Project
A guide to Experience Music Project
Perhaps no vision has been quite so ... original, to be kind, or bizarre, to be brutal, as Paul Allen and Jody Patton's newest creation, the Experience Music Project. But that's just the outside. Now, finally, after watching it emerge and engulf the Monorail, we get to go inside and see if it's as wild as the skin. (June 20, 2000)

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EMP timeline
EMP's cutting-edge rolls and curves depended on a Little Wing and a prayer
Experience Music Project: Words can describe it
How Experienced do you want to be?
EMP goes live
Bankrolling a rock-'n'-roll fantasy
This magic bus hopes to inspire people and lure them to Seattle Experience Music Project site

Experience Music Project
Mining rock's treasures in basements and bidding wars
Peter Blecha, a Seattle native whose lifelong devotion to Northwest music - and huge collection of recordings and memorabilia to go with it - got him his job at EMP in 1992, says that acquiring items isn't always that glamorous or exciting. But he and fellow senior curator Jim Fricke are most proud of EMP's guitar collection. (June 20, 2000) Image

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EMP curators also scored Clapton's 'Brownie' and Joplin's pink boa

Experience Music Project
Step inside Experience Music Project
The outside of EMP is innovative and impressive. But wait until you get inside. (June 20, 2000) Image

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MEG has a thing for rock musicians and a 6 gigabyte hard drive
Four rock musicians hold forth on EMP
Sound Lab uses technology to teach
How to fill a music museum with sound without sending people out the door screaming
Artist's Journey catapults riders into psychedelic world of music
Kiosks offer magic carpet ride through rock history
So you want to be a rock-'n'-roll star: Listen close to

Experience Music Project
If we designed a rock museum, here's how it would look (and smell)
If this were a real rock museum, you'd be patted down at the entrance by bouncers, and if you didn't have any drugs, they'd give you some. Strippers could wiggle their way in for free. Members of Katrina and the Waves, Tommy Tutone, Nena and Nu Shooz would rip your tickets. The floor would be sticky with spilled beer, the air alive with the funk of B.O. and patchouli, and all the toilets would automatically overflow. (June 20, 2000)

Experience Music Project
Hype is real: EMP rocks!
We're one week away from pandemonium. On June 23, Paul Allen's $240 million Experience Music Project opens to the public. Expect loud rock shows, a media frenzy and tens of thousands of people hoping to get a look for themselves. EMP will no longer be a weird idea. It'll be a weird museum. (June 17, 2000) Image

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It will take more than one experience to digest EMP

Make plans, nab EMP tickets now
If you don't have a reservation for the Experience Music Project, get cracking. A limited number of ticket-holders are allowed into the museum each day, and spaces are filling up not only for next weekend but the whole summer. Here's where to get tickets, plus upcoming concerts. (June 16, 2000)

The temple of tech: Will EMP transform tomorrow's museums?
Opening day will bring a crescendo of hype about what's inside EMP. It will also bring questions. The biggest may be whether this thing is truly revolutionary, or just really weird. We won't know until then. But as the doors of EMP set to swing open, the technology in place has caused a ripple of excitement throughout the museum world. (June 11, 2000) Image

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What's the tech inside? Here are a few glimpses

Selling EMP to tourists will be next big project
As Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, scrambles to draw more people in, the Experience Music Project is about to open its doors to the public with a huge opening weekend on June 23. With initial-year attendance predicted to be at least 800,000 people, EMP's officials insist their museum will not suffer a fate similar to Cleveland's. (June 11, 2000) Image

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Read more about Experience Music Project

EMP television programs
MTV and VH1 will broadcast special programs related to the opening of Experience Music Project, June 23-25 at Seattle Center. (June 8, 2000)

Jump back! At EMP, a digital James Brown gets down - and gets back up again
When Paul Allen's Experience Music Project opens on June 23, conversations will likely shift from the Frank Gehry's melted-candy design to what's inside. And there's a lot to talk about, from all that Jimi Hendrix memorabilia to the world-class collection of guitars, to reams and reams of stuff on Grunge. But as a museum built by a founder of Microsoft, EMP is ultimately about technology. (June 1, 2000) Image

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What's in the 'Artists' Journey' ride

So, Mr. Gehry, can you explain this? Is it genius or a mess? To the man who designed EMP, it's love
Frank Gehry came to town yesterday, to meet with the media and later give a lecture at the Seattle Opera House, and judging from the reception he received, the quiet, affable 71-year-old architect is Seattle's newest rock star. (May 16, 2000) Image

Experience Music Project plans blowout entertainment
Experience Music Project opens the weekend of June 23 with a spectacular lineup of concerts at Seattle Center, some of them free. (May 5, 2000)

EMP gets mixed reviews, but it could follow in footsteps of Guggenheim Bilbao
As an attraction, the Guggenheim Bilbao - designed by Los Angeles' Frank Gehry, the convention-defying architect who also designed the Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center - has succeeded beyond everyone's wildest dreams. Whether the EMP will become an architectural landmark on par with the Guggenheim Bilbao is difficult to gauge. (April 2, 2000)

Paul Allen's rock-'n'-roll museum lets you be the one to make the music
From the outside the Experience Music Project looks like the sleekest roller coaster ever built. But when the museum opens June 23, it appears that a trip inside the swooping, diving, purple, blue-and-silver Frank Gehry-designed building also is going to be a wild ride. (March 17, 2000)

Paul Allen's eye-catching Experience Music Project will open June 23
Seattle's most unusual building is taking shape on the skyline, and it's the shape, and the color, that have people talking. Heads turn from Interstate 5, eyes gaze down from Queen Anne Hill, necks rear back on Fifth Avenue North. Proud of the innovation, scornful of the lack of convention, Seattleites don't quite know how to handle architect Frank Gehry's creation. (March 16, 2000)

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