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Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Experience Music Project: Words can describe it

So what would you call that thing? Here are a few of our favorite descriptions:

"The wreck of the Partridge Family bus"
- Ron Judd, Seattle Times

"A wadded-up blouse"
- The (Vancouver) Columbian

"The $10,000 Italian sofa you'll buy on the day you completely lose your mind"
- Tacoma News Tribune

"Crayons in a Cuisinart"
- John Zebrowski, Seattle Times

"An orgy of giant, multicolored mollusks"
- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Technicolor mushrooms on a soggy lawn"
- The Associated Press

"A vinyl 45 left out in the sun"
- The Washington Post

"It seems to have started to explode and then stopped - frozen in mid-kaboom."
- The Cincinnati Enquirer

"An organ that's fallen from a giant human-body kit"
- The Ottawa Citizen

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