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Initiative 695

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Last updated July 7, 2000

I-659 bus cuts will be restored (July 7, 2000)

Lawyers split on what voters thought of I-695 (June 30, 2000)

Initiative 695 puts squeeze on bond sales (May 19, 2000)

Locke lands big money for schools (May 3, 2000)

Initiative 695 throws kink into Seattle spending plans (April 22, 2000)

I-695 ruling fuels debate over role of courts (April 11, 2000)

Supreme Court's past may foretell Initiative 695's future (March 17, 2000)

Locke against altering constitution for taxes, fees (March 17, 2000)

Lawmakers bicker over next step on I-695 (March 16, 2000)

I-695 ruling saves $30 tabs, sets off scramble in Olympia (March 15, 2000)

Superior Court judge declares I-695 unconstitutional (March 14, 2000)

Legislature stumped by demands of I-695 (March 10, 2000)

Lawyers argue over I-695's underpinnings (March 7, 2000)

I-695 court battle opens today (March 6, 2000)

Property-tax break debated by lawmakers (March 5, 2000)

Legislators grab Band-Aids for budget cuts (February 27, 2000)

Guest columnists
GOP budget can reap good roads, good schools (February 25, 2000)

Schools dreading wake of ferry cuts (February 16, 2000)

Locke forms team to probe state Department of Transportation (February 14, 2000)

Despite I-695, state's bond rating AA+ OK (February 11, 2000)

Community Transit offers free vans to ease I-695 woes (February 10, 2000)

I-695 could mean fewer highway rest stops (February 8, 2000)

Save the boats, ferry users tell the Legislature (January 28, 2000)

Bill would merge CT, Everett Transit (January 27, 2000)

Lawmakers say ferry-fare raises aren't for ballot (January 26, 2000)

Snohomish County agency seeks state aid to avoid eliminating 34 jobs (January 18, 2000)

Proposal: Switch state's taxing powers (January 14, 2000)

Lawmakers talk tax cuts as I-695 reverberates through first session (January 11, 2000)

Reducing class size collides with I-695 (January 10, 2000)

Bus cuts rejuggled; driver shortage cited (January 5, 2000)

Thousands line up for vehicle license tabs (January 3, 2000)

King County to argue for new taxes (January 2, 2000)

Car-tab cost falls; fallout still to come (January 2, 2000)

Mountlake Terrace cuts animal-control service (December 30, 1999)

Offices gird for car-tab rush next week (December 28, 1999)

Gregoire clarifies impact of I-695 (December 23, 1999)

Boeing wants its road money back (December 21, 1999)

Latest initiative called 'knee-jerk reaction' (December 21, 1999)

Initiatives steal holiday cheer as transit workers get pink slips (December 21, 1999)

King County may find way around cuts in bus service (December 17, 1999)

Transit targeted by I-695 author (December 16, 1999)

Locke backs tax rebates and credits (December 16, 1999)

I-695 halts repairs on Hood Canal Bridge (December 16, 1999)

State ferry system faces major cuts (December 16, 1999)

I-695 aftermath: Workshops, suits, revised budget (December 15, 1999)

Cities will challenge I-695 constitutionality (December 14, 1999)

Higher fares, service cuts ahead for ferries (December 14, 1999)

Disabled CT riders see I-695 as threat (December 10, 1999)

Issaquah School Board votes to raise some fees (December 9, 1999)

Will I-695 bring back private ferries? (December 8, 1999)

Bellevue to raise school fees (December 8, 1999)

I-695 backers make move to defend initiative in court battle (December 7, 1999)

Co-speakers look at how to replace I-695 revenues (December 3, 1999)

County and state officials ponder life after I-695 (December 1, 1999)

Newcastle council balks at raising new taxes (December 1, 1999)

Suits won't stop I-695 on Jan. 1 (November 30, 1999)

Reeling from potential losses of I-695 (November 28, 1999)

I-695? Issaquah to cut taxes (November 26, 1999)

County OKs budget, tax hike (November 23, 1999)

Bid to seal loopholes on I-695 under way (November 23, 1999)

I-695 sponsors threaten tax-cut sequel (November 21, 1999)

Injunction on I-695 weighed (November 19, 1999)

Snohomish County's budget feels the pain (November 19, 1999)

Transit workers challenge I-695; lawsuit to argue measure is unconstitutional (November 18, 1999)

Is county's work force King-size? (November 18, 1999)

Expert: I-695 to be felt down the road in worsening traffic (November 17, 1999)

Mercer Island City Council increases taxes, land-use fees (November 16, 1999)

Painful 695 cuts? Not in Seattle (November 16, 1999)

Bellevue could raise utility rates before I-695 goes into effect (November 16, 1999)

Newcastle considers 13 percent tax boost (November 15, 1999)

Health agency seeks dose of cash (November 15, 1999)

I-695 foils Renton's plan to cut property taxes (November 15, 1999)

LakePointe development in danger (November 12, 1999)

In county's south, I-695 flew (November 11, 1999)

Stopping payment on car-tab checks? Bad idea (November 10, 1999)

With I-695, ferry tale turns ugly, state officials say (November 10, 1999)

Snohomish County looks at I-695 cuts (November 9, 1999)

I-695 reaction: Talk of tax, fee increases spreads across state (November 7, 1999)

Lake Washington may get ferry (November 7, 1999)

Gov. Locke against court appeal on I-695, fee boosts (November 6, 1999)

Cuts in bus service proposed following passage of I-695 (November 5, 1999)

How I-695 will affect Eastside cities (November 4, 1999)

Politicians weigh cuts in service, legal appeals in response to I-695 (November 4, 1999)

Election '99
I-695 triumphs: What now? (November 3, 1999)

Debaters argue merits and problems with I-695 (October 30, 1999)

Community Transit prepares for huge cuts if Initiative 695 passes (October 28, 1999)

What I-695 would save you on cars (October 28, 1999)

Q & A
I-695, the car-tax initiative (October 24, 1999)

Anti-695 ads on TV add up but take liberties (October 22, 1999)

Eyman's I-695 statistics don't tell the full story (October 20, 1999)

Pressure mounts over I-695 (October 19, 1999)

Locke vows a car-tax overhaul if voters reject I-695 (October 15, 1999)

Business fears I-695 will shift state tax burden (October 14, 1999)

I-695 foes may stretch truth in ads about vanishing jobs (October 13, 1999)

Colorado's lessons on I-695: Tax votes not disastrous, but complicated (October 11, 1999)

Car-tax revolt has simmered for 10 years (October 10, 1999)

Smaller cities prepare for hit if I-695 passes (October 8, 1999)

Lowry takes a swing at I-695 (October 1, 1999)

Snohomish County executive candidates face off on I-695 (September 30, 1999)

I-695: Doomsday or only a minor blow for government services? (September 26, 1999)

Support declines for I-695, survey finds (September 21, 1999)

I-695 may stall car purchases (September 16, 1999)

GOP ready to jump on I-695 bandwagon (September 15, 1999)

Opponents of I-695 ready to unleash advertising blitz (September 14, 1999)

Pending vote on I-695 to stall road work (August 19, 1999)

Lawmakers feel they must remain silent on I-695 (August 18, 1999)

Beyond car tabs: I-695's impact on taxing power (August 16, 1999)

Meet the 33-year-old who got the $30 car tax on the ballot (August 15, 1999)

Labor, business unite to seek defeat of Initiative 695 (August 5, 1999)

Car-tab measure to be on ballot (July 20, 1999)

Voter approval of fee hikes in I-695 worries Bellevue leaders (July 20, 1999)

I-695 sponsor tagged by Mukilteo officials (July 19, 1999)

Auto-tab reduction will go to voters (July 3, 1999)

Read The Seattle Times' editorials and opinion columns about I-695 below.
Editorial: The ferries and I-695: all rough water ahead (Dec. 28)
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Affordable car tabs offer no relief on the road (Nov. 3)
There's too much at stake to pass I-695 (Oct. 28)
I-695: giving away too much to gain too little (Oct. 24)
There's no free lunch with shortsighted I-695 (Oct. 22)
Car-tab plan too radical (Oct. 21)
O. Casey Corr: Pardon us, dear governor, but promises won't cut it (Oct. 20)
James Vesely: Panic in the streets: the car tab arguments (Oct. 18)
Mark Trahant: I-695 and the role of government: beyond just saying 'no' (Oct. 17)
Mindy Cameron: Civic appetizers, red meat and an unexpected dessert (Oct. 17)
I-695 asks state voters to make a risky wager (Oct. 17)
Car tax can be fixed (Oct. 14)
Joni Balter: Car-tab initiative would erode state's quality of life (Oct. 10)
O. Casey Corr: I-695's hardly the monster depicted by its opponents (Sept. 22)

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