2000 B.C.E. (Before the Common Era)

1700-1550 B.C.E. Abraham leads a group of Israelite nomads from Mesopotamia into Canaan. Famine eventually drives them into Egypt. Palestinians believe the Canaanite people are their ancestors.
1250-1200 B.C.E. Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt.
1200-1025 B.C.E. Judge Deborah and others fight continuously with the Philistines, who provide the Romans a name for the country, Palestine.
1000-928 B.C.E. David conquers Jerusalem, making it his capital. His son, Solomon, builds the First Temple. After Solomon's death, the kingdom is split into Israel and Judah. Israel is conquered by the Assyrians and its people scattered, becoming the 10 Lost Tribes.
587 B.C.E. Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and the First Temple, taking the Jews into slavery in Babylon.
538 B.C.E. Jews return from exile, reconstruct Jerusalem and build the Second Temple.

0 Common Era begins.

6 C.E. Romans take control of Palestine.
27-30 C.E. Jesus of Nazareth practices his ministry.
70 C.E. Roman army destroys the Temple and starts expelling Jews from the land of Israel. The Diaspora lasts 2,000 years.
324 C.E. Emperor Constantine legal-izes Christianity and begins identifying its holy sites in Palestine.
640 C.E. Jerusalem becomes a holy site for Muslims, who also revere the Old Testament heroes.


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