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Thursday, January 15, 1998 - 03:40 a.m. Pacific

Students Essays: Dana Burns

Amphay Thiraphouth | Michael West | Dana Burns
Jesse Sexton | Aurora Lehr

A new generation believes the Dream

By Dana Burns
Rainier Beach High School

Dana Burns The struggle Dr. Martin L. King Jr. had was not a wonderful struggle. It was a struggle through racism and segregation. When the maker of the dream died, his dream still lived on in the world. Now his dream lives on within some people. With the dream living within some people, the dream is becoming in vain.

The struggle we live with today is ourselves. We are our own enemies today. We are letting his dream die more and more each day. Just because King believed in non-violence does not mean that you are being a punk! King taught people to use violence with their mind, standing up to what you believe in, or to treat people how you want to be treated not by your fists, guns or not having respect for other people.

So if you want his dream to go on, try to live the way he struggled. If you want his dream to be in vain, keep living the way you are today - with violence!

Amphay Thiraphouth | Michael West | Dana Burns
Jesse Sexton | Aurora Lehr

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