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Thursday, January 4, 1996

Student to Student

Ms. Rotter's class in Kent, Wash.

Ms. RotterHello!

My name is Stephanie Rotter, and I teach third grade at Meadow Ridge Elementary in Kent, Washington. This is my second year at third grade. My previous two years were in second grade.

I was born and raised in Federal Way, Washington, which is located 30 miles south of Seattle. I attended the University of Washington where I received a degree in Social Welfare. I then went on to receive a degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Washington University. I am currently in my fourth year of teaching.

I look forward to learning with my students and exploring all that the Internet has to offer.

Kent, Washington is located about 25 miles southeast of Seattle. Kent started out as a farming community. However, most of the farms have since been replaced by industrial areas. Kent is a growing community, with a population of about 42,000. The beaches of the Pacific Ocean, breathtaking Mount Rainier, and the exciting escapades of the beautiful Emerald City ...a.k.a. Seattle ...are all easily accessible from Kent. Thus making Kent a desirable place to live.

Meadow Ridge Elementary School opened its doors in August of 1994. Meadow Ridge serves a diverse group of students — reflecting its community. Currently, 500 kindergarten though sixth grade students attend our school.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream is one we strive to keep alive in our school on a daily basis. In the past we have done the following to honor this great man:

  • student-generated poetry about his dream
  • united in song about the importance of his work
  • created a computer-generated slide show entitled, "I Have A Dream."
  • performed a dramatization about Dr. King's life.
  • shared literature in the classroom
  • held a school-wide assembly honoring his life's work.
We look forward to embarking on this new adventure with classrooms from other regions of our country, and learning new ways to celebrate the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Stephanie Rotter
Third Grade Teacher
Meadow Ridge Elementary

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