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John Stanford's compassion, awareness, strength, integrity and love reached out to multitudes. It has been amazing to be impacted by this man and in such a personal way - a man I didn't even have the honor of knowing personally.

His mind, body and spirit was an inspiration and encouragement to me and thousands of others. His life was lived as a true example!
- Ruth Ray, Seattle

I work for a school district in Colorado, and first heard about Mr. Stanford on Rush Limbaugh. He was praising his work and talking about how Mr. Stanford had big plans to change the Seattle school system.

I was a graduate of one of the Seattle schools myself in 1969. I began to pay attention to what he was doing for the schools, and my dad - who still lives there - kept me informed on what he was doing for Seattle. I am very sorry to hear about Seattle's loss.
- Leslie Osgood, Lakewood, Colo.

What a contribution; what a loss.
- Marsha Reid, Barre, Vt.

I followed Mr. Stanford's career in Seattle. I think he was brilliant, devoted and an inspiration to others. His story has inspired my life as a black professional living in Portland. Looking at his life, can't we all do more?
- Kenneth Smith, Portland

You were like a meteor over the city of Seattle; bright, spectacular and all too short-lived. The kids will always remember you; the schools were transformed by your remarkable presence. . . .

Know that you were loved.
- Roger Johnson, Bellevue

A few years ago, when I was a senior at Roosevelt High School, John Stanford came to visit. When he walked through the halls, there was this presence about him that cannot be explained. He brought a warm, safe and embracing feeling to the normally lonely feeling in the school.

At lunchtime, my friends and I were eating in the lunch room when he came in. He walked around to the different tables shaking hands and exchanging smiles.

He reached for a chair and pulled up to our table. What would normally be an intrusion by faculty was an honor. We had the chance to talk to him; he asked about our goals for the future. When he finally got up from the table, he left a memory in all of our minds that will never be forgotten. . . .

He was truly an angel sent to our community; we are all blessed that we had the chance to learn from this great man!
- Bronwyn Betsch, Seattle

Seattle has lost a true hero. More than the Mayor, Chief of Police/Fire, Council Member or any citizen at large, Mr. Stanford brought our most important resources, our children, to the forefront. May we be so blessed to find others to follow his example.
- D. Blackmer, Seattle

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