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1999 WTO Map Chronicle
Monday, Nov. 29
WTO photo
4 a.m. crane occupied
Five environmental activists climb a 170-foot-tall construction crane to hang a banner.

Building occupied
Homeless activists occupy an abandoned building.

2:35 p.m.
Several hundred protesters gather in front of a McDonald's restaurant. A few scuffles break out. An hour later, the group starts to break up with strong urgings from the police, who are out in force with an armored vehicle called "The Peacemaker."

5 p.m. Kingdome
Marchers form a human chain around the Kingdome while a reception for WTO members is being held at the Stadium Exhibition Center next door.

7 p.m. KeyArena
Protesters come together at a People's Gala to listen to live music and celebrities of the left. Mayor Paul Schell makes a guest appearance and encourages protesters to remain peaceful.

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