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Sunday, April 22, 2012 - Page updated at 03:30 p.m.

Larry Stone's MLB power rankings

Last week's rankings in parentheses

1 Rangers (2) Canceled promotions: David Freese Appreciation Day
2 Tigers (1) Not that they're cocky, but Leyland setting up his playoff rotation
3 Dodgers (3) Kemp and Rihanna were perfect couple: She provided the singles, him the HRs
4 Cardinals (4) Beltran is the poor man's Albert Pujols (in world where $13 million is poor)
5 Nationals (8) Politicians in D.C. determined to reduce the National Detweiler
6 Yankees (10) Offended Pudge Rodriguez didn't choose to retire as a Yankee
7 Braves (13) After much debate, Chipper decides he'll go in Hall of Fame as a Brave
8 Giants (16) Wilson undergoes Tommy John, beard undergoes emergency Z.Z. Top
9 Blue Jays (14) Arencibia hitting .154, but at least his Kurkjian imitation went viral
10 Rays (5) Crowd-challenged Rays hope to start an Occupy Tropicana movement
11 Diamondbacks (7) If a 1909 Honus Wagner's worth $1.23 million, what's a '12 Bloomquist go for?
12 Angels (9) Looks like Angels have Pujols and a few holes
13 Brewers (11) Brewer challenges: bullpen, bench and finding a FedEx open on weekends
14 Phillies (6) Great pitching, but their Achilles' heel Ryan Howard's Achilles tendon
15 Orioles (19) Phenom Dylan could be most entertaining Bundy since Al
16 Indians (25) To cash in on 'Hunger Games' mania, 2nd baseman changes name to Kipnis Everdeen
17 White Sox (24) Where's Jason Bere when you really need him?
18 Mets (17) Not true that Mookie Wilson tried to crash the Fenway celebration
19 Rockies (26) Jamie Moyer reminds me of a young Satchel Paige
20 Red Sox (12) Biggest concern at Fenway birthday bash: Rich "El Guapo" Garces eating all the cake
21 Marlins (21) Giancarlo Stanton (0 HR) wishes he could hit like that Mike Stanton guy
22 Reds (15) Aroldis Chapman through Friday: 17 strikeouts (in 9 innings), zero walks
23 Mariners (18) Just biding time for Hultzen, Mulder and Zito. Er, Hultzen, Walker and Paxton
24 A's (23) Never mind 100 years; A's can't wait to celebrate 1 year at new ballpark
25 Pirates (22) Pirates already preparing 100th anniversary of last winning team in 2092
26 Twins (29) Gardy's first question to 23-year-old pitcher Hendriks: "Are you experienced?"
27 Astros (30) New owner wanted to rename them Colt 45s — after their win total, not the gun
28 Cubs (27) Easiest job in sports: reunion coordinator for Cubs' World Series championship teams
29 Padres (28) Padres stink, but at least Tony Gwynn back coaching S.D. State after cancer surgery
30 Royals (20) Royals a cautionary tale of the foibles of rebuilding

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