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Friday, August 3, 2012 - Page updated at 07:30 p.m.

Olympics diary: Courtney Thompson

Good morning Seattle!

Thanks so much, everybody, for your continued support. It's really cool to have so many people watching and cheering from back home. Trust me, it really means a lot to me and my teammates.

Our Wednesday night win over China was really fun. I awoke Thursday morning for a light workout and a massage. Now I'm off to meet up with my family for lunch before our afternoon practice.

My family! It's such a great thing about the Olympic Games: a lot of us have our loved ones visiting here in London. That's pretty unusual; we rarely have family with us during our far-flung non-Olympic international tournaments. In fact, this is be the first time most of my family has seen me play for the USA team in person. They're part of our loud USA cheering section in the stands. Right after matches, I get a few minutes to talk with them, then we share a couple of hours of family time on days we don't have matches. It's been awesome.

I've gotten a lot of questions about what we do on game days. Volleyball-wise, the Olympics are no different than any other big tournament. After breakfast, we head to the gym for video and serve-and-pass training. Then it's back to the athletes' village for lunch and prematch rest and preparation. Before Wednesday night's China match, I watched the Disney movie "Tangled," then took a little nap. London traffic can be heavy, so our bus leaves the village about three hours before game time. Then it's warm up, compete, hug it out with the fam, then back to the village to get ready for the next day.

Finally, the food. The meals in the village have been great, with lots of good choices. So far, my staples have been hummus, Asian dumplings and smoked salmon. Being from Seattle, I'm picky about my salmon. But, here in the village, it's legit!

Time for lunch with my family, so thanks again for all your love and support. Keep wavin' those flags!

— Courtney Thompson

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