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Sunday, November 4, 2012 - Page updated at 07:30 p.m.

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No defense in Detroit

Gus Bradley and his defensive staff should be ashamed of themselves after the lay-down Sunday in Detroit. Despite knowing the Lions were going to throw the ball, this team could still not stop them. And how do you let them convert 12 of 16 on third down, the majority of them third-and-long?

This team and this defense are not ready to take the next step.

— Chris Derner, Spanaway

Preventing Seattle victories

Coach Pete Carroll needs to step up and let go of defensive coordinator Gus Bradley and his prevent defense — for it only prevents us from winning.

— Greg Rockwell, Redmond

UW football

Sarkisian doesn't deserve to be fired

I just can't believe we have people calling for the firing of Washington coach Steve Sarkisian. He has brought our program back, and he still needs more time to bring us back to national prominence. Firing him would mean we would have to start all over again, and that is no way to have stability for our program. Our offensive line this year has been decimated, and that has made our team and our quarterback very vulnerable.

Keeping Sarkisian around is the only way to go.

— Jeff Swanson, Everett

Best since Don James

Steve Sarkisian is the best hire the Huskies have had since Don James.

— Ransom Gardner, Edmonds


Fences fine in Bay Area

After watching the World Series, it seems to me that the Mariners are taking the wrong tack in trying to improve by moving in the fences so they can attract a power hitter in free agency.

The San Francisco Giants hit 103 home runs compared to the Mariners' 149 in 2012. Do you hear the outcry from the Giants fans or owners about needing to move the fences in at AT&T Park? The Mariners should focus on pitching, defense and hitting for average while minimizing strikeouts.

Shame on Mariners management for moving in the fences. Just find players who can hit for average.

— Mark Niemi, Maple Valley

Giants' plan worth noting

Mariners fans who want to give general manager Jack Zduriencik more time because of the sorry state the franchise was in when he took over should take note of the San Francisco Giants. They won the World Series two years ago and are going back again this year.

Why does this have anything to do with the state of the Mariners?

Seven of the eight position players the Giants start are different this time than two years ago.

So, it doesn't take forever to rebuild a team. The Giants did it in two years.

— Jan Kozlow, Issaquah

Quit grumbling, baseball fans

Quit your grumbling about the higher ticket prices, Mariners fans. Hasn't the front office finally decided to move in the fences? So say goodbye to those boring doubles, triples and running-at-full-speed catches in the outfield. Say hello to exciting pop-fly home runs that carry just over the outstretched glove of the waiting outfielder at the wall.

A glorious season of sports-entertainment pleasure awaits you. So get out your checkbooks and start writing.

— Jeffrey Weiser, Redmond

Bring in the A's executives

I just don't understand how the M's can be so disrespectful to the fans and raise ticket prices after coming off another bad season. The guarantee should be if the Mariners have another bad season, then the season-ticket holders should be allowed to vote the Mariners' brain trust out of here. Bring in the Oakland Athletics' brain trust, because they seem to make the most out of what they have.

— Don Bowell, Seattle

Lance Armstrong

Times readers are judge, jury

I did not know that Seattle Times readers Sally Montgomery and Myron Monson were the judge, jury and executioners of cyclist Lance Armstrong and Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Backtalk, Oct. 14).

Armstrong did not have a trial, but was found guilty. Susan G. Komen for the Cure withdrew support of Planned Parenthood because the charity did not intend for donations to be used for abortions. It later changed the decision.

As for Montgomery, throwing the Livestrong and Susan G. Komen bracelets in the garbage, does this mean you no longer are backing breast-cancer awareness and the fight against cancer? Monson wore the Livestrong Bracelet for 10 years, then removed it. Does this mean you no longer support fighting cancer? I'm still fighting cancer (my husband is a cancer survivor).

— Patsy Gee, Federal Way

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