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Saturday, February 2, 2013 - Page updated at 09:30 a.m.

Domestic Goddess
To the loo, a loo hah! with the Domestic Goddess

By Rebecca Teagarden
Pacific NW associate editor

Go team. Yay. Today's the big game: The Bowl of Superness. Goddess is stoked. She is. And was worried about possible mayhem as we all rush to the loo at halftime. Fear not, gentle reader. The folks at Roto-Rooter report that while mass flushing represents a significant surge of water, sewer pipes are built to handle it. Off you go!


How about a soak? Perhaps in a luxurious and most colorful tub from Blu Bathworks of Vancouver, B.C.: the blu• stone one-piece free-standing bathtub. Blu offers high-quality modern bathware in lots of shapes and sizes, thanks to founder Michael Gottschalk (background: architecture, landscape architecture). Today we dip a toe into a new oval number from the Condo Series: 59 inches long, 31 ½ inches wide and 23-5/8 inches tall. Compact deep-soak bathing. They call it BT0402 (not much of a name). From the signature blu• stone collection (quartzite). Stain-, scratch-, impact-resistant; nonporous, antimicrobial. And, can be made in any color that pleaseth you! And embossed. Matte or gloss finish. What other options could one even conjure?

BT0402 is $4,950 in white matte, $5,940 for white gloss and, wait for it, $8,660 for, say, lime green. Embossed, white matte, is $7,920. Check out the tubs, free-standing pedestal sinks ($2,450 and up) and more at and at Pedini Seattle, 114 Westlake Ave. N.,

Tattoo you, bathroom

Let's say the loo (or the kitchen, for that matter) could use a redo, and you've got a budget of two $10 and wad of singles. That'll work. Mibo Tile Tattoos from Loads of designs for 4-inch, 6-inch and 3-by-6-inch tiles. Cover ugly tiles with decals using water and a straight edge.

Tile tattoos are Goddess-tested and approved! Mauve flowered tiles tubside disappeared instantly beneath a groovy linear daisy pattern in gray, black and white.

Beware you tired, discolored, outdated or lightly cracked tiles. Designs on white adhesive paper completely cover tiles. Translucent backings allow the tile to show through. Place diagonally or in a checkerboard pattern. Scatter as accents. Change your mind? Change tattoos. Peel off with no residue. $12 to $24 for a set of six.

And now for the shower thinker

What to make for dinner; pick up the dry cleaning; the key to world peace. These are thoughts that flow freely, easily ... in the shower.

Goddess doesn't know how you hold these thoughts for dry land. Perhaps you chant, "Dry cleaning, dry cleaning, dry cleaning." But now you can write that down. Right there in the shower: AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad. Name says it all. Suctions right to the wall. One could lather up and organize one's thoughts, to-do lists and errands for the day ahead. Leave messages for the kids. Write that work proposal, tear it off and take with. Invented by a shower thinker tired of soggy, torn, illegible notes written tubside. Also handy for the boaters and construction workers among us. Aqua Notes are $7 for 40-sheet pad, pencil and suction cups. Recyclable.

If it's watery fun you're lookin' for: Bathtub Fun Pad. Waterproof puzzle pads (34 puzzles per pad). Wash body, build brain. Also $7.

Find at www.myaquanotes.comand at

Reach out to The Goddess at The Goddess is also very Pinteresting. Find her there at

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