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Monday, March 4, 2013 - Page updated at 05:00 a.m.

Rant & Rave
Shame to bad tippers and Christmas-light stragglers

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the clueless guy who tipped me 79 cents on a 20-dollar tab and rave to his embarrassed “first and last” date who kindly came back to compensate. People, please understand that servers rely on tips as a major portion of our wages.

RAVE To the bikers in Bainbridge Island’s Chilly Hilly who were super-polite on the narrow road we shared on my route driving to and from church — staying on the edge of their lane and slowing down when we had to share the road with cars coming in the other direction. We really appreciate such considerate riders!

RANT To the woman allowing two very small children to act like jumping monkeys just inches away from heavy traffic on Elliott Avenue. One trip of their little ignored feet and their head is under my wheels. I guess talking on the phone is more important to you.

RAVE To employees at Fred Meyer who helped a shopper whose 2-year-old ran off. She was searching frantically and as soon as she asked a clerk for help, a code was called and at least 10 employees dropped what they were doing and started running and searching. The little boy was found within minutes. I was so impressed by how seriously they took the situation and how quickly they reacted.

RANT It’s March already, take down your Christmas lights!

RAVE To the Seattle Center maintenance workers who overstayed their quitting time to assist me and my two young granddaughters to find my parking garage. In our rush to get to our event I didn’t pay attention to the location, and with their help we were able to get out of the rain and find my car.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to trickster online ticket sellers, rave to Paramount Theatre manager for handling the situation so beautifully. After this I’ll take the time to go to the box office. Total rave to “War Horse”!

RAVE To the wonderful man who went the extra mile to save my Shih Tzu after she’d gotten out in the dark, a tiny indoor dog running along a very busy street. Her rescuer saw her a few blocks away, put her in his car and drove to Petco in hope they’d be able to scan her for a chip, which they did, and called me. I rushed to get her where the staff were waiting though it was past closing time. I offered the rescuer a reward but he refused to take anything. I hope he understands how grateful I am.

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