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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Local News

May Day: Seattle police ready for peaceful protests but also violence
Throngs are expected for the annual workers and immigrant march that, historically, has been peaceful. That contrasts with separate anti-capitalist protests that, in past years, have erupted in violence.  Thu, 4/28
Mexican agents hunting fugitives in Arlington slayings: ‘It’s only going to be a few days’
Two brothers from Washington charged in the slayings of an Arlington couple may have fled to Mexico to escape justice. But that’s hardly a safe haven for U.S. fugitives these days, statistics and authorities say.  Thu, 4/28
Oregon police officer injured in shooting after traffic crash
An Oregon police officer and a suspect were injured during an exchange of gunfire that followed a late-night traffic crash Thu, 4/28
Tacoma lawyer accused of having sex with inmate
The lawyer pleaded not guilty to charges that he had sex with an inmate at the Pierce County Jail, plus brought drugs to other inmates. Thu, 4/28
NEW - 11:16 AM
Tacoma police seek SUV driver in deadly hit and-run
Tacoma police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run collision that killed a motorcyclist. Thu, 4/28
‘SnoCoSqueeze’ lane closures on I-5 this weekend
The state Department of Transportation is warning Snohomish County drivers of road maintenance expected to slow traffic on northbound I-5 and city streets.  Wed, 4/27
3 ‘bachelor’ lions from Seattle zoo moving to Oakland
Three young lions born at the Woodland Park Zoo are headed to a Bay Area zoo.  Wed, 4/27
Alaska may let pot buyers smoke, eat the drug in stores
If regulators approve, Alaska could be the first state in the nation to allow on-site consumption of marijuana at some legal pot businesses. Wed, 4/27
Bird strike causes plane to make unplanned landing at SeaTac
An American Airlines plane flying from Seattle to Dallas hit a bird shortly after takeoff Wednesday afternoon. Wed, 4/27
Creating scenery for Portland’s “The Magic Flute”
At Seattle Opera's Scenic Studios in Renton part of Maurice Sendak's scenery design for Mozart’s "The Magic Flute" is being painted and assembled for the Portland Opera's production that is opening May 6.  Wed, 4/27
His federal trial over, Troy Kelley returns to Auditor’s Office
The day after his trial on federal felony charges ended, State Auditor Troy Kelley returned to work. Wed, 4/27
In Seattle, school water tested for lead at least every 3 years
Seattle Public Schools has results from its water-quality tests online.  Wed, 4/27
Include affordable housing or pay fees, mayor’s proposed ordinance tells developers
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sent the City Council a proposed ordinance Wednesday requiring developers of new apartment buildings to include some affordable units or pay fees. He said both options would be helpful. Wed, 4/27
It’s official: Kennewick Man is Native American
Five tribes claiming Kennewick Man as a relative will work to rebury him after the Army Corps of Engineers said it’s validated the skeleton is Native American. Wed, 4/27
Judge: Seattle trash-check ordinance ‘unconstitutional’
Seattle’s ordinance allowing garbage collectors to look through people’s trash — to make sure food scraps aren’t going into the garbage — was declared “unconstitutional and void” Wednesday. Wed, 4/27
Mariners sale: How John Stanton’s Seattle group struck a deal with Nintendo of America
The Mariners’ dramatic announcement Wednesday that a 17-person local group led by John Stanton bought a majority interest in the baseball team culminated more than two years of behind-the-scenes drama. Here’s how it happened.  Wed, 4/27
New Mariners CEO calls potential Sodo arena ‘big, ugly house right at the end of your driveway’
John Stanton says the Mariners support the NBA and NHL coming to Seattle as long as it isn’t near Safeco Field. Wed, 4/27
Seattle labor-office boost should come from general fund, not employers, mayor says
The Seattle City Council will consider whether to increase funding for the Office of Labor Standards by tapping the general fund or by taxing businesses. Mayor Ed Murray has proposed the former. Wed, 4/27
Secretary of state, her staff, to skip Tennessee meeting
Kim Wyman says she won’t attend a national secretaries of state conference in Tennessee because of new legislation there allowing counselors to refuse treatment based on religious or personal beliefs. Wed, 4/27
State gets B+ in government spending transparency
A new report gives Washington state a B+ for how transparent it is in disclosing government spending. Wed, 4/27
Jerry Large
Support grows for helping ex-prisoners become productive neighbors
Local officials take a moment to celebrate ongoing efforts to help former inmates make it on the outside. Wed, 4/27
Surviving the viaduct shutdown: get to work early, stay late or stay home
To avoid traffic jams during a two-week Highway 99 closure, Seattle-area commuters and truckers will start their shifts earlier — or work from home.  Wed, 4/27
Suspect in Ingrid Lyne’s killing pleads not guilty
A King County judge raised bail for John Robert Charlton to $5 million at his arraignment on murder and theft charges in the slaying of Ingrid Lyne, a nurse and mother from Renton. Wed, 4/27
Airbus, Boeing split multibillion-dollar jet order from China Eastern
China Eastern ordered 20 Airbus A350-900 planes and 15 787-9 Boeing Dreamliners. Thu, 4/28
Bombardier beats out Boeing, Airbus for big Delta order
Delta Air Lines agreed to buy at least 75 of the state-of-the-art C Series narrow-body airplanes, which have struggled to make inroads against single-aisle aircraft made by rivals Airbus Group and Boeing. Thu, 4/28
HTC to invest $100M in virtual-reality startups
Vive X will help incubate and grow startups that want to integrate with HTC’s virtual-reality headset. The accelerator program will have sites in San Francisco, Beijing and Taipei, to start. Thu, 4/28
PicMonkey’s newest exec joins trend of techies moving from San Francisco to Seattle
Brent Chudoba, previously the chief revenue officer of SurveyMonkey, will take on the role of chief operating officer at the photo editing startup. Thu, 4/28
Ciscoe Morris
Plant Paris in your garden, you won’t be sorry
Paris, a close relative of Trillium, will be exotic stars in your garden, if you can find them to plant.  Thu, 4/28
Rant & Rave: Helpful driver, reckless drivers
Readers rave about driver pointing out flat tire, rant about U District traffic violators Thu, 4/28
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Now & Then
The Normandie Apartments, long gone, were situated on one of Seattle’s steepest slopes
These First Hill apartments were coming down as the Kingdome was going up not far away.  Thu, 4/28
NEW - 06:00 AM
PNW Magazine
Transportation, Seattle style: Our ferries have been delivering us to and from work since we got here
Across water and time, the ferry system connects Seattle’s past and present  Thu, 4/28
Whole Foods moving slowly up the coast with its ‘365’ concept
365 by Whole Foods Market, the smaller, less-expensive little sibling of the organic-foods grocer, will open its first location in Los Angeles next month, its second in Lake Oswego in July, and the third in Bellevue this fall. Thu, 4/28
Boeing’s write-offs, profit shortfall don’t dent investor outlook
Boeing’s profit fell short of analyst estimates for the first time in five years, due to an accounting loss from the first refueling tankers built under a U.S. Air Force contract, but the market seemed more focused on improvements in cash flow and 787 Dreamliner production. Wed, 4/27
Chinese consumers fall out of love with iPhones
Apple’s second-quarter earnings report Tuesday showed how hard it can be to keep the attention of China’s fickle and increasingly hard-to-impress consumers. Wed, 4/27
T-Mobile CEO says Verizon ‘wants to be in a different business’
John Legere said Verizon’s acquisition strategy will not help it appeal to millennials. Wed, 4/27
Whitepages spins out mobile caller-ID startup Hiya
Hiya serves as both a way to cut down on spam and learn who is calling if that number is not in your contact list.  Wed, 4/27

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 10:54 AM
Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans its first trip to Mars
SpaceX tweeted Wednesday morning that it is planning to send an unmanned Dragon spacecraft to Mars as soon as 2018. Thu, 4/28
NEW - 10:56 AM
Robert Durst heading to federal prison
Robert Durst, the real-estate scion charged with shooting a confidante in her Los Angeles home 16 years ago and featured in HBO’s “The Jinx,” is headed to the same federal prison that held Al Capone and Charles Manson. Thu, 4/28
Abuse victim decided to testify after Hastert sought support from brother
Scott Cross’ brother is former Illinois House Republican leader Tom Cross, a one-time political protégé of Dennis Hastert. Wed, 4/27
No, ‘science’ didn’t ‘prove’ that dogs hate hugs
The problem is that what’s being reported as a “study” is, in fact, an Op-Ed piece written in the magazine Psychology Today by a single researcher. Wed, 4/27

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Business & Technology

Amazon, Microsoft invest billions as computing shifts to cloud
As cloud computing proliferates, its leading providers — Amazon and Microsoft among them — have unleashed a torrent of capital spending to build the infrastructure that handles the technology. That, in turn, has significant economic effects globally and locally. Wed, 4/27
Microsoft researcher wins prestigious computing award
Eric Horvitz, managing director of the company’s Redmond research lab, is honored for his work in artificial intelligence. Wed, 4/27

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CEO Howard Lincoln leaving Mariners with ‘a few regrets’
Thoughts of his eventual retirement, which was announced Wednesday, had lingered since January 2014, when longtime team president and close friend Chuck Armstrong retired. Wed, 4/27
Fishing report: Head to Sekiu for chinook salmon
Fishing has been good off the Caves (located just in front of the Sekiu breakwater) west to the Sekiu River, Slip Point and Mussolini Rock. Wed, 4/27
Howard Lincoln’s resignation likely to be welcomed by Mariners fans
Here are three quick thoughts on Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln, who according to source will resign Wednesday. Wed, 4/27
Mariners’ three-game win streak halted as Iwakuma struggles
The Mariners (11-10) hadn’t lost a game by more than two runs in two weeks.  Wed, 4/27
New Mariners CEO John Stanton is baseball-loving billionaire with World Series goal
A passion for the sport does not a great CEO make, of course. Time will tell if the Mariners take the next step.  Wed, 4/27
Seahawks enter NFL draft with more holes to fill than in past
As the Seahawks have begun to lose some key players in free agency, the opportunities for younger players to step into the lineup should be greater this year and beyond. Wed, 4/27
Seattle Thunderbirds sweep Kelowna with double-overtime victory
Rookie Matthew Wedman scored 7:52 into the second overtime to left the T-birds to a 5-4 victory over the Rockets in the Western Conference finals. Seattle scored twice in the final two minutes of regulation to force overtime.  Wed, 4/27

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Movie review
‘A Beautiful Planet’: a stunning IMAX view of Earth from space station
Movie review of “A Beautiful Planet”: This documentary in 3D shows spectacular IMAX images of Earth filmed by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Rating: 3 stars out of 4. Thu, 4/28
Theater review
‘Chorestia’ uses ancient tales to tell modern women’s stories
A review of “Chorestia,” by local playwright Beth Raas-Bergquist, now on stage at the Ballard Underground through May 7. Thu, 4/28
Movie review
‘Dough’: Warmth rises from baker-apprentice bond
Movie review of “Dough”: Jonathan Pryce masterfully portrays a Jewish widower struggling to keep his kosher bakery open in this sometimes-frivolous but ultimately sensitive comedy-drama. Rating: 3 stars out of 4. Thu, 4/28
NEW - 12:09 PM
Movie review
‘Keanu’: a funny caper with comedic duo Key and Peele — and one cute kitty
“Keanu”: Brilliant comedic duo Key and Peele play regular guys who go undercover in drug-gang territory to rescue a tabby kitten. 3 stars out of 4. Thu, 4/28
Movie review
‘Mother’s Day’: Do your mom a favor and skip this comedy
Movie review of “Mother’s Day”: The latest in a series of holiday-inspired movies by Garry Marshall, this compilation of stories features many mothers, none of them interesting. Rating: 1.5 stars out of four.  Thu, 4/28
Movie review
‘Pali Road’: Oahu thriller takes mind-bending twists and turns
Movie review of “Pali Road”: This adroit, inventive psychological thriller, set on Oahu, invokes the old trope about a beleaguered heroine fighting for her sanity, but it lacks sufficient juice to make the story count. Rating: 2.5 stars out of 4.  Thu, 4/28
Movie review
‘Rio, I Love You’: 10 drifting stories more like tourist promo
Movie review of “Rio, I Love You”: Ten directors worked on this disappointing anthology about modern Rio de Janeiro. Rating: 1.5 stars out of 4.  Thu, 4/28
Movie review
‘Sing Street’: a high-school fairy tale from the director of ‘Once’
“Sing Street”: Another sweetly gentle, music-filled love story from Irish filmmaker John Carney, director of “Once.” 3 stars out of 4. Thu, 4/28
Nicole & Co.
‘Young Blood’ exhibit at Frye showcases work of Noah Davis, Kahlil Joseph
A new Frye Museum exhibit showcases a sense of a brotherly and artistic energy, titled “Young Blood: Noah Davis, Kahlil Joseph, The Underground Museum.” Thu, 4/28
Book review
4 novels by Washington state authors to fill the ‘Downton Abbey’ gap
Washington state authors Julie Christine Johnson, Laurel Saville, Kristin von Kreisler and Elizabeth Boyle have published four new novels perfect for a bit of backyard escape reading.  Thu, 4/28
NEW - 06:00 AM
A 190-year-old score, written in Prague and locked in a wooden box, gets its world premiere
This week, a score composed 200 years ago by a Prague pharmacist and hidden away in a wooden box, is finally getting its world premiere — and the pharmacist’s descendants, local musicians who’ve become internationally renowned, made it happen. Thu, 4/28
April 28 TV Picks: ‘Alone’ on History
Also airing Thursday, April 28, 2016: “Sohia Loren” on TCM and “Project Runway All Stars” on Lifetime. Thu, 4/28
Bask in Julie Taymor’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at SIFF
A film of Julie Taymor’s inventive, eerily beautiful 2013 production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Brooklyn’s Theatre For a New Audience will have three screenings at the SIFF Film Center in May. Thu, 4/28
Coming to Amazon Prime in May: ‘Humans,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘Leaving Las Vegas’
Here’s a list of what’s coming to Amazon Prime Video in May 2016. Thu, 4/28
Coming to Hulu in May: James Bond, ‘Angie Tribeca,’ ‘Airplane!’
Here’s a full list of what’s coming to Hulu in May 2016.  Thu, 4/28
Community calendar: festivals, fairs and more
A detailed, categorized calendar of events all over Seattle and Western Washington, April 29-May 5, 2016. Thu, 4/28
Home Viewing: Oscar winner ‘Son of Saul,’ ‘Ride Along 2’
A list of titles available for home viewing and streaming during the week of Friday, April 29.  Thu, 4/28
Movie bargains: ‘Where to Invade Next,’ ‘Hail, Caesar!’
Here are some theaters offering discounted movie tickets during the week of April 29. Thu, 4/28
New blood: Polymath Erik Blood releases an optimistic ‘breakup record’
Local musician and producer Erik Blood — who’s worked in hip-hop with Shabazz Palaces and punk rock with Tacocat — plays the High Dive to celebrate his new release “Lost in Slow Motion.” Thu, 4/28
New on Netflix in May: ‘Marseilles,’ ‘Chelsea,’ ‘Sixteen Candles’
Here’s Netflix’s list of what’s arriving — and what’s leaving — on the service in May 2016. Thu, 4/28
Theater review
Read all about it: ‘Newsies’ a rollicking romp at the Paramount
A review of the touring production of “Newsies,” at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre through May 1. Wed, 4/27
The week ahead: Things to do during May 1-7
Things to do in and around Seattle May 1-7: Woodinville wine release party; IMAX film about Earth, via the International Space Station; and Opening Day of boating season.  Wed, 4/27

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Restaurant review
Prepare for comfort at Fat’s Chicken & Waffles
From the service to the soul food, Fat’s Chicken & Waffles aims to make you feel at home.  Thu, 4/28

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Travel & Outdoors

Pick a park for an Eastside bird-watching walk, from Bellevue to Issaquah
Audubon outings guarantee in-the-know companions — or you can just take your binoculars and go. Wed, 4/27
Reader’s Lens | Out standing in his field
Seattle Times reader Victor Tom’s photo of a shaggy ‘everyhorse’ in a Snoqualmie Valley pasture. Wed, 4/27
NEW - 11:00 AM
Urban, hip Boise defies potato jokes and other Idaho stereotypes
A youthful vibe and lively cultural scene is fueling Idaho’s capital city. Thu, 4/28

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How to save children and families from becoming homeless
The best results come when case managers have the power to ask, “What is it you need right now to avoid becoming homeless?”  Wed, 4/27

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